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The Magic of Manga Lashes

Written by BOBA BLINKS
1 mins read

Inspired by the lashes in Japanese anime, manga lashes have spiky strands with a wispy flair. The careful placement and different clustered lengths create a cartoon-ish, doll eyed look when worn. You might know them by their wet or spider look, “douyin” or “manhua” lashes, are a regular staple for everyday lashes. 

Plant Based Manga Eyelashes 

The days of applying individual lashes to achieve this iconic look are over! Our manga lashes make it a breeze to apply. But it's important to remember that we all have a role to play in protecting the environment. That's where Boba Blinks comes in, with a caring, plant-based choice! 🌱

Eco-Friendly for the Win

We love creating sustainable beauty products. Our vegan, plant-based manga lashes create an anime-inspired look that is also eco-friendly and aligns with our commitment to eco-conscious living. Check out our manga lashes!

Made from over 90% hemp-derived fibers, they're lighter, comfier, and lasts longer compared to traditional lashes. Learn more about the Boba Blinks Way here.


What makes our plant-based lashes so special is their environmental impact. 🌱 Unlike traditional lashes, which are often made from harmful microplastics that can take hundreds of years to break down, our lashes biodegrade in just 180 days. That means they're good for your eyes and good for the planet! Click to learn more about the harmful effects of PBT. By choosing Boba Blinks, you're making a smart choice and helping to create a more #ecofriendlyworld!