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How to Dispose of Your Eco-Lashes Responsibly

Written by BOBA BLINKS
1 mins read

It's time to #ditchmink and switch to eco-friendly lashes! 🌿 Our lashes are made with renewable materials and requires 75% less energy to produce than traditional lashes! You can feel good knowing that you're helping to reduce our carbon footprint and create a more sustainable future. Here’s the scoop on the best way to dispose of our eco-lashes!

Biodegradable Plant Lashes

Our plant lashes are made from hemp fiber, which is biodegradable on its own. However, to help kickstart the process, we threw in an extra blend of biodegradable components to help them break down gently and organically through industrial composting in just 180 days.

Ways To Properly Dispose Your Lashes

Biodegradable items can be tossed in the trash, where they are then sent to landfills and the decomposition begins. The speed of this process depends on the mood of the air, water and other elements! But why wait? We recommend composting your lashes at home or gently returning them to the Earth by burying them in soil. Check out our at-home composting guide.


Discard your eco-lashes by tossing them in the trash or composting them at home, the quickest way to help them break down and return to our loving Earth. Plant-powered lashes are a great way to do your part for the planet!