Why Sugarcane Lash Trays Are a Win for You and the Planet!

Written by BOBA BLINKS
1 mins read

Let's spill the boba on why these trays are stealing the spotlight! Sugarcane trays are a sustainable choice versus traditional plastic lash trays. But what really makes them stand out, aside from their eco-friendly benefits, is their fun and playful aesthetic

Why Sugarcane Lash Trays?

Although we're also big fans of recycling, we're passionate about reducing our environmental impact! Sugarcane lash trays are a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic lash trays. Made from the fibers of sugarcane plants, a natural and renewable resource, they're safe for you and good to the planet. 


3 More Reasons to Love Sugarcane Lash Trays

  • Biodegradable and Compostable: They break down naturally without any added environmental harm when it's time to say goodbye.
  • Extra Durable: Just like traditional plastic lash trays, so you can use them over and over again.
  • Made from Natural Materials: They're safe and healthy to use.

  • Conclusion

    If you're all about reducing your environmental footprint, go for the green and healthy alternative when it comes to lashes! So you feel good AND do good! 💚