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Eco-Friendly Lashes, the Boba Blinks Way!

Written by BOBA BLINKS
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Our story begins with a love for boba tea. Beauty should be playful and fun, just like sipping on your favorite boba! We focus on making lashes easier and comfier while keeping our core values at heart.

All of our lashes are handmade and customized with our innovative EcoFlex design. Our "Truly Cruelty-Free" Pledge brings together the perfect blend of our core values. Read on! We're spilling the tea behind our adorable brand!🧋

Eco-Friendly Lashes

Here at Boba Blinks, we're all about taking care of our planet! Our love for the planet extends through every step of our lash-making process.

Regular lashes  are commonly made from plastic synthetic fiber called PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) and can stick around for ages.

Our lashes are made from hemp-based fibers that break down naturally and are easier to decompose all while being kind to the environment.

Each of our lashes contain a special blend of biodegradable components to activate the degradation process so lashes return to the Earth without causing any harm!


Our “Truly Cruelty-Free” Pledge 🐾

We're all about spreading love – not just to you but also to our furry friends!

That's why our lashes are “Truly Cruelty-Free" and vegan, meaning they are never sourced from or tested on animals.

When you choose our vegan and cruelty-free lash products, you're joining our mission to protect animal welfare and create a kinder, more compassionate beauty industry. 


Safe and Kind To Your Eyes

Beauty shouldn't come at the cost of your well-being or our planet's health! We prioritize your comfort and precious eyes with our cruelty-free and eco-conscious lashes.

Our plant-based lashes are super safe and gentle on the eyes! They're free from potential irritants that can cause redness and itching, often associated with animal-based or synthetic lash options.


Comfort with EcoFlex Technology

We totally get that comfort is a must. Regular lashes can be a pain to apply, especially if they have thick, stiff bands. The extra weight tends to pull your eyelids down and can make your eyes look smaller.

That's where our innovative EcoFlex technology comes in! Our plant based lashes has some seriously cool features to help you slay all day.  

•  Our lash bands are 30% thinner than traditional ones, so they're super flexible and easy to bend and apply to your unique eye shape. 

•  Our ultra-slim lash band is so light and comfy, you'll forget you're wearing them! Eyes stay open and lifted without the icky discomfort, heavy feel and stiffness. 

•  We're big on natural lash styles that flatter the eyes, not overwhelm them. That's why we opted for a shorter lash width, so you can do less trimming and keep the look of the lash on point. Sometimes other lashes require too much snipping, which can change the lash's true shape.


We thought of all the little things with our EcoFlex design to help keep your eyes comfy, lifted, and safe to make your #lashlife easier and comfier!

Strong and Light Plant Fibers

We've seriously leveled up our lash game with the power of plant fibers! Our lashes are made with over 90% hemp-derived fibers, which are stronger, last longer, and hold their shape better than synthetic or mink lashes.

They're also softer, measuring 0.05mm thick compared to the 0.07mm thick lashes you usually find. Lashes that last and are good for the planet? That's a total win!


At Boba Blinks, every detail is carefully thought out – from your comfort to our eco-friendly approach and our cruelty-free, vegan practices.

Our “Truly Cruelty-Free” pledge and EcoFlex Technology are at the heart of everything we do, it's the magic that makes it all possible! ✨

When you choose Boba Blinks, you're making a greener choice and helping us all achieve a more sustainable future. 🌱💕