Beauty should be playful and fun!

Just like boba tea! We also believe that beauty should be sustainable.♻️ That's how our boba themed lash brand was born. Our eco-friendly lashes are biodegradable and made with natural hemp-derived fibers🌱 that are what we like to call "Truly Cruelty-Free." We want our #BobaLashBaes to feel good and do good while sipping on their favorite boba and wearing our lashes! At our core, we're all about fun, creativity and beauty that is kind to the planet! 🌎

Here are a few things we do different:

We focus on lash styles that look and feel natural but also comfy.

Our lashes are eco-friendly with plant powered, hemp fibers!

We're "Truly Cruelty-Free," with no harm, testing or sourcing from our furry friends!

Our innovative EcoFlex technology makes for a natural feel and fit.

We stay true to our values, every step of the way!

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    Our lashes are truly cruelty-free and vegan! We never source, test, or harm our furry friends.


    Free from irritants that can cause redness or itching, unlike synthetic or mink.


    Hemp fibers are stronger, longer-lasting and slimmer for an all day lifted, comfy look!

I Want To Know More!

What's Up With EcoFlex?

We're all about comfort! That's why we created our innovative EcoFlex technology, giving you lash bands that are 30% slimmer than traditional ones. We even rethought the lash band width for a few of our lashes – it's shorter, which means less trimming to preserve the true shape of the lash. So you can wear them all day without feeling heavy or uncomfortable!

What's Your "Truly Cruelty-Free" Pledge About?

Our eco-friendly lashes are completely vegan and what we like to call "Truly Cruelty-Free" with no harm, testing or sourcing from animals. These choices benefit our furry friends and your well-being, reducing irritants and harmful side effects often associated with synthetic or animal-derived lashes like minks.

Are The Benefits Of Plant Lashes Worth It?

Our lashes are made with hemp-based plant fibers that are not only biodegradable, but incredibly tough - thanks to their heat-resistant nature. Hemp fibers can withstand temperatures between approximately 300 and 380 °C. This helps your lashes maintain their shape, preventing them from losing their form during use. As a result, they stay fresh and last longer through wears than traditional lashes. With our unique blend of biodegradable components in each lash, they're eco-friendly and break down naturally when it's time to say goodbye.

How Does Boba Blinks' Lashes Compare To Other Brands?

We put tons of thought and love into creating lash styles that look and feel as natural as possible! Plant lashes are safe, gentle and overall lightweight - thanks to how thin they are. Each fiber measures 0.05mm thick and is softer compared to the 0.07mm ones that are typically used. This helps your eyes stay lifted without any of the usual discomfort or heaviness you may experience with other lashes. Every part of our lash process is designed with your comfort in mind, while staying true to our eco-conscious values.